Tom Hegel

Information Security Research | Threat Intelligence | Advesary Analysis


Tom is a Senior Threat Researcher at SentinelOne and focused on advancing cyber threat intelligence through his industry work, security publications, and humanitarian cybersecurity research which aims to help vulnerable communities, impacted businesses, and targeted individuals across many cultures. He is a successful publisher of numerous public disclosures on state-linked adversary groups, opportunistic crime groups, and various global events impacted by the technology threat landscape. Tom has investigated and provided aid against numerous targeted threat actors, and organized criminal groups, that have taken advantage of major global events to launch offensive campaigns against businesses and government agencies globally.

This site includes reports and technical content authored under current and previous employers. The purpose of this site is to archive research for long term preservation to assist future defenders and support my own continued research. Additionally, this site contains self-published technical reports of various malicious activity with the objective of direct and candid communication to readers.

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