Tom Hegel

Information Security Research | Threat Intelligence | Adversary Analysis


I am an accomplished cybersecurity researcher and a leader in the threat intelligence space, with a background of tracking some of the most interesting and unique threat actors globally. My dedication lies in creating and collaborating within the foremost cyber threat intelligence and research organizations worldwide. Serving as the Principal Threat Researcher at SentinelLabs, I have unveiled and published numerous discoveries of nation-state threat actors across Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, India, and beyond, along with identifying new mercenary groups and financially motivated crimeware gangs.

Some of my most noteworthy public work includes uncovering decades of attacks from hack-for-hire organizations responsible for evidence planting campaigns against Indian civil society, the discovery of Chinese nation-state operations, emerging Russian threat activity against NATO, and critical response to sudden global conflicts. I am also a dedicated advocate of humanitarian cybersecurity research initiatives, focusing on fortifying security measures and gathering intelligence on attackers who target high-risk individuals and organizations.

I have presented extensive research and analytical insights at leading industry conferences like BlackHat USA, CYBERWARCON, LABScon, DerbyCon, Hague Threat Intelligence Exchange (Hague TIX), and various exclusive private events. My research has garnered recognition in top-tier media outlets, including Reuters, WIRED, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Politico, Forbes, The Washington Post, and countless other industry-specific publications.

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